ear camera

Ear Camera is a collective of bodies creating cochlear art. We are a capillary community, a neural network, an ear that listens, a camerata of peers. Our concerts are a living snapshot of our inner chambers developed in dark rooms and focused onto vibrating membranes. We are a lens that reflects the society in which we live. We believe that all human experience, rendered in photorealistic detail, is worthy of amplification.

Ear Camera is: Tommy Davis // India Gailey // Joseph Glaser // Noa Haran // Justin Jaramillo // Michael Kim-Sheng // Michael Mansourati // James Rubino // Keith Stratton

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Logo by Kasia Suro.

Future Events

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Family Gathering
Réunion de famille

Loft 314 // portes 19h30 | 7:30pm doors, concert 20h | 8pm show // $5 ou | or PWYC


A weekend concert where we get together, eat, tell stories, and listen. Featuring the work of Ear Camera members in duos and trios. A light vegetarian meal will be served.

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Un concert du weekend ou nous rassemblons, mangeons, racontons les histoires et nous écoutons. Une présentations de comprovisations du membres de Ear Camera en duo ou trio. Un petit repas végétalien sera servi.


N.B. la salle est seulement accessible par quelques marches, il y a un ascenseur dans l'immeuble. | the space is only accessible by a few steps, there is an elevator in the building.

Avis Allergie: Il y a un chat qui habite dans l'espace | Allergy Warnings: there is a cat that lives in the space.


Past Events

Friday, October 13th 2017

Body Language
Language Corporel

Psychic City // portes 19h | 7pm doors // concert 20h | 8pm show // BYOB // $5 ou | or PWYC


A set of works that explore bodies, space, and togetherness.
Featuring two works by Amnon Wolman and new works by India Gailey and Joseph Glaser

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Un ensemble de pièces qui explore le corps humain, les lieux et l'unité.
Une présentation de deux pièces par Amnon Wolman et des créations par India Gailey et Joseph Glaser


N.B. la salle est seulement accessible par escalier. | the space is only accessible by stairs.
C.W. cet événement contient de la nudité | the show contains nudity


Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Better Way of Life

Le Cagibi, 5490 St. Laurent // portes 20h | 8pm doors, concert 20h30 | 8:30 show // $5 ou | or PWYC


The inaugural concert of Ear Camera. Works that probe the boundaries of genre.

Works include:
Noa Haran: Millennial Dialogue
Keith Stratton: Empathy Manoeuvre #1
Michael Pisaro: Tombstones